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Bimsoft as your partner

Bimsoft is a family owned company with just that little extra. We believe it is important to obtain a nd continue building on a long lasting coöperation with our customers. This is something we achieve through not only providing the best possible service but also in helping you in getting to the right solution and actively helping you to realising your goals.

How do we do this?

We start from your needs and not from a default solution. Every solution we deploy is based on the demands expressed by your team. Based on our range of solutions for your operations we define the best solution for you and intregrate it to match your demands.

We integrate our solutions based on the already existing situation. To simplify the transition and keep track of budgets, we try to integrate all exising systems in our platform, as well as the data acquired over the years. This makes it possible for you to keep running existing systems without limiting the need for new solutions.

We make sure you have one partner taking care of your IT-needs. By doing implementations we also come into contanct with other parts of your it and automation infrastructure. To smoothen implementatins we can offer you support on system engineering, hosting, voip, hardware or other it services needed.

We are in it for the long run! Not only are you getting our full atention during purchase and go-live of the project , but we stay on your side for every year to come. If you would have problems, even if they are not caused by us, we give the support needed…

Bimsoft as a team believes strongly in a partnership where together we can grow to a bright future.

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